The Mystic Juju

Quantum Awareness for Healing and Awakening

“I’m learning discipline in maintaining a daily Elemental practice, bringing me into ever deeper connection within myself and out into Nature and the Divine Oneness.”

My Story

Hello Beloved Explorers of all things Quantum Healing!

My Name is Judy. Ever since I was a child, I have been sensitive to the vibratory resonance that makes up our universe. Sound and music have been my constant companion along with my thirst for knowledge.  I learned to feel and listen to the vibration of the Trees and the wind.  I taught myself astral travel and lucid dreaming in my early teens. In my 20’s,  I was introduced to Yoga and the Kriya Breathwork, and thus began my journey into healing childhood and ancestral trauma. I dove deep into as many modalities as I was exposed to picking up trainings and certifications I never imagined I would use, all in my search for self healing. 

Now I am being Guided to share what I have learned with you. It is time for me to accompany others on their path to wholeness, even as I expand my own understanding of what that means for me. 

It would be my Highest Honor and Pleasure to walk this path with you. 

My Values & Beliefs

My Hobbies

I love music, poetry, dance, and all of the visual and performing arts. I love cooking, baking, and making things with my hands. I love researching and solving puzzles. I believe it’s vital that we remember traditional and ancient methods for crafting, living, and being good stewards of the earth.

My Cosmic Origins

I am a Starseed – Annalist Starchetype. I am a descendant of Lyra through Orions Belt. A pure Generator in Human Design. An INFJ in MBTI. Scorpio with Virgo Moon and Aquarius Ascendant. I have Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance activated. 

Other Modalities I've Learned

I like to explore different healing and spiritual modalities. I have learned and practiced Soul Focused Healing, Kriya Yoga, Effigy Breath, Chet Alexander’s methods for Immanent Health, EFT, as well as a few other healing and intuitive modalities.

I have also participated in Sweat Lodges and Vision Quest and completed my Medicine Woman initiation in Mexico in 2018.  

Trained Facilitator

In 2020, I received certification in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, a powerful Past Life Regression modality, and have recently completed my BQH certification to further expand this work. I love doing sessions and helping people discover and know themselves more deeply.

In 2022 I  became a trained Operator of the Quantum Stellar Charts and am expanding my knowledge in order to understand myself better and also help others to do the same. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start  Walking Your Path of Healing Within Today!