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Frequently Asked

What are my Healing options?
  • Open your Quantum Stellar Charts
  • Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions
  • Wisdom and Guidance for your Spiritual Growth and Empowerment
Which Healing is Best for Me?

Are you uncertain of exactly what you need? Opening up your Charts can let you find out about exactly what is keeping you stuck in your limiting patterns!

Or maybe you have a Specific question to what is bothering you – then Past Life Regressions is where you want to explore with Mystic Juju!

Why does the first session cost more?

The first session for any new clients includes an intake session where I gather your information, your history, your expectations and goals within a healing system. The most powerful healing sessions occur when I can learn more about your focus and goals first!

What is the Inner Sanctum all about?

The Inner Sanctum is my secret library where we deepen our Spiritual Practice together, becoming masters in astral travel, channeling, mediation or whatever comes up.

It is a sacred space for expanding our experience and awareness as a group.

What exactly is Quantum Wisdom?

I’ve always been gifted with an ability to see the larger picture so YOU can have clarity on your situation. My gift is guided by my animal Spirit Guide – the Owl. 

I intuitively utilize any tools necessary to get clarity on what you need to know.