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Quantum Stellar Charts

Experience the Power of Opening your Charts and feel the Impact of Your Healing.

Quantum Regression

Experience connecting with your Higher Consciousness for Awareness and Healing.

Quantum Wisdom

A Supportive Bird’s Eye View of Clarity for your Growth

Inner Sanctum

Miss Juju’s Inner Sanctum for Members

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Whether you want your Charts open for powerful healing that can be felt and experienced in real time – or you wish to visit past lives and hear your Higher Consciousness

Let’s start there before we go any further!

Reach Your Goals

The ultimate goal is to heal the limiting painful beliefs, release the traumas, harmonize the past life experiences and integrate more of your Divine self to live true to who you are – and what potential lies ahead of you!

Quantum Stellar Charts

With the treatment of Quantum Stellar Healing, negative patterns and memories (destructive and limiting beliefs etc) from our past lives and ancestral lines are released.

Because the chart is connected with advanced healing technology, the release happens from Source Energy and God within our DNA resulting in very deep shifts much beyond what we could gain from practitioners, healers etc. 

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The healing takes place with the use of dowsing -a pendulum- and radionics. A system of alternative medicine based on the supposition that detectable electromagnetic radiation admitted by the body can be interpreted diagnostically and transmitted to treat illness at a distance.

Through the use of the Quantum Stellar Healing Chart the practitioner operating the QSH chart sends the energetic waves of vibrational reprogramming to the client which adjusts and recalibrates any imbalances.

This programming promotes a deep Awakening of Consciousness a strong reconnection with the higher self and an energetic realignment of the physical body. 

1st session $252
2nd and 3rd $144 each
Package total = $540
(Breakdown $180 per session)

Inner Sanctum Members discount rate
1st session $144
2nd and 3rd $108 each
Package total = $360
(Breakdown $120 per session)

Please inquire for booking and cost.

Quantum Regression

When you visit your past lives you get more information on why you’re experiencing things in this life the way you are. There is a lot of healing to be gained with Past Life awareness and the ability to cut the Karmic cord so the resonance can be healed

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Quantum Regression (or QHHT) is based on the teachings of Dolores Cannon. She was the first regressionist to hypnotized her clients and take them back beyond the time of birth.

You are able to go back and visit past lives for clarity and have a direct connection to your higher consciousness to ask questions and get real time answers. You can visit parallel lives, alternative lives, or lives in other dimensions. 

You can get real time answers from the divine part of yourself. Get direct connection to the higher planes of self that made the decision to live those lives that are impacting you now. 

People have received spontaneous healing in these sessions too!

BQH Remote Session – $252
Inner Sanctum Discount – $144

QHHT in person – $360
Inner Sanctum Discount – $252

Please inquire for a Session.

Quantum Wisdom

Intuitive guidance to receive suggestions, advice and compassionate viewpoints on your concern, issue, or sitation.

I have a gift of the Bird’s Eye view – the Owl Vision (which is my personal spirit animal) allowing me to see what’s going on with a broader perspective offered from a place of love and compassion. 

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Sessions are Virtual and In-Person

I utilize oracle cards, tarot cards, human design reads, charts, and all other modalities to support the awareness and clarity on your situation.

Cost of sessions can vary according to needs, concerns and the modalities used. Please contact Mystic Juju for more information. 

Inner Sanctum

Miss Juju’s exclusive club Mystery School on various topics for your Spiritual growth and development. Inner Sanctum is a secret library of rabbit holes and exploration.

We are learning together by deepening our understanding on various Spiritual empowerment skills. 

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